Orthodox Church of Canada (OCCNA)

Orthodox Church of Canada (OCCNA)

R. Sereda aka "Yaraslow":

From http://welcome.to/orthodox.church.of.canada

"Orthodox Church of Canada - Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada - Christ the Lord of Mercy Mission Parish

"[R. "Yaroslaw"] Sereda, DD - Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada

"CHRIST THE LORD OF MERCY ORTHODOX MISSION PARISH is a ministry of the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (The Orthodox Church of Canada), under the spiritual omophor of His Grace, Vladika YAROSLAW, who is in full synodal union with our national Primate, His Beatitude, Vladika ANDREI, Metropolitan of All Canada [deceased]. The Orthodox Church of Canada/UAOC in Canada is a daughter church of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, being the mother Church of Ukraine... Our parish follows the ancient Byzantine-Slavonic Eastern Rite, a cyclical form of worship with over 16 centuries of history from the earliest times of undivided Christianity. We follow the Old Church Calendar, as do the vast majority of the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians. Currently we offer worship in modern contemporary Canadian English as well as in Ukrainian. Our Eparchy is also doing outreach work in the Serbian language..."

One wonders what the "DD" title means when Sereda has no undergraduate degrees listed, writes of "modern contemporary Canadian English" [is there any other kind], and can not speak fluent Russian and Slavonic (Ukrainian).