Orthodox Church of Canada (OCCNA)

Orthodox Church of Canada (OCCNA)

Recently discovered about "Andy" Andrei Brennan. Here is another of his ill-fated campus ministries at University of Windsor, ON, at http://brc.uwindsor.ca/UnivServ/CampusMinistry/christ.htm last modified April 4, 1996

Christ (Old) Catholic Church in Canada St. Patrick's Mission

Chaplain The Rev'd Shawn P[atrick]. [Andrei] Brennan Phone: Business [519] 252-5614

Lay Warden: Mr. Patrick Rose Phone: Business [519] 253-7669 [disconnected]

The Old Catholic Movement provides a church home for those people without a denominational affiliation. All people are welcome to attend and receive the Sacraments, regardless of race, colour, creed, intellectual beliefs/doubts, sex, or sexual orientation. The focus is on communal worship in a welcoming, non-judgemental environment.

Christ Catholic Church is the third-largest Old Catholic body in North America. It combines traditional liturgy (similar to Anglican and Roman) with a liberal theological worldview. Both the Chapain and Warden are fellow students, and are sensitive to your needs. Sunday Mass is held at 2:00 p.m. on the first floor of Iona College, 208 Sunset Avenue. If you have any questions, or would like to talk, contact Shawn or Patrick.

--->Orthodox Church of Canada is headed by the allegedly dead, now mysteriously alive, Andrei Brennan, since 4/22/99 at http://www.occna.com/md/admin/synod.html .

--->The Canadian Orthodox Monastery of the Annunciation - New Pechersk - Orthodox Church of Canada is also headed by the same allegedly dead, now mysteriously alive, Andrei Brennan, since 4/22/99 at http://www.churchsurf.com/host/canada/new_pechersk/index.html

--->From www.occna.com/md/mission/stherman.html (Last Modified: Sunday, April 25, 1999):

PLEASE PRAY FOR: Metr. Andrei (continuing health problems).

[The above implies the announcement below by Mother "Nun" Anastasia on April 21, 1999 of the demise of Andrei Brennan was premature and that her announcement on April 24, 1999 regarding Brennan's "state funeral" was bogus and a cruel, morbid, and fecund hoax]



Robert Wilson Sehorn (April 25, 1999).

[where is Brennan's name if he was supposed to "repose" on April 21, 1999?]

Leatrice Cavanaugh (April 5, 1999).

---> What Anastasia (Chancellor) has to say about this website:

From Orthodox Church of Canada Sun Apr 25 14:27:45 1999

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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999

[names elided]:

Upon the advice of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Hate Crimes Unit, I am giving you precisely one warning:

You will not under any circumstances send e-mail to this or any other account in use by our Church, or by any clergyman or member of our church. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in charges of criminal harassment being filed via the F.B.I. If charged, you will be subject to extradition and criminal trial in Canada, where a conviction will lead to a sentence of two-years-less-one-day in a Provincial prison.

All web pages under your control containing the names of hierarchs, clergy, or faithful members of our Church are to be immediately shut down. Do not imagine that you are safe from being tracked, as court orders from either Canada or the U.S. can make it possible to get ISP records from even the freenet webpage providers. Under Canadian law, you are in violation of hate crime statutes, an offence subject to extradition from the U.S. to stand trial in Canada, and the potential sentence of 10 years in a Canadian penitentiary. You are also subject to civil liability for libel, defamation of character, and any personal or corporate damages attained therefrom.

This is your only warning. Failure to comply will result in criminal investigation. We are hardly worth that much trouble to you.

Rev. Mother Anastasia


Orthodox Church of Canada

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>In response to your specious and unoriginal objections regarding the

>unfortunate excommunication of Denis Garrison et al (see

>http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/asceo/swaydynjm1.html), the

>"[The Editor further notes that there were _more_ than three _valid_

>Orthodox bishops on the THEOCACNA synod which excommunicated Garrison

>et al and that the constitution of THEOCACNA, Inc. requires only one

>signature of the Archbishop-President or acting locum tenens of the

>Presidency of the Holy Synod to sign such a document.]"


>Do not respond to this email or initiate any further email in the

>future to this account.



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---> Email harassment by Mother Anastasia:

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Very cute, [name elided].

So you were "Igor" the fake Russian who called the other night. You should have called me back, and we could have played some more games together!

So obvious, when you promptly updated your webpage to list my one-time surname (it is properly Niebler, not Arenburg) and my son's civil name of Stephen (you spelled it wrong!)

Vladika ANDREI created this account and had only used it to e-mail once before today, and that was the message that follows. You stupidly have given us all the evidence we need by replying to this box from your "Aberrant" account. We have confirmed your identity. Better hire a good criminal lawyer fast! One who specializes in international law! Tee hee!

Soon you will be in prison, much to our blessed relief! We shall pray that God heals you of your mental illness soon.


Nun Anastasia

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>Subject: Re: You win

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>Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:02:37 EDT "Orthodox Church of Canada"




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>-Alright, I capitulate. You win.


>-What can I do to end this harassment?





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>Stop sending email to this account.

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From http://welcome.to/orthodox.church.of.canada [April 22, 1999]

"It is with deep sadness that we announce the untimely repose of His Beatitude, Vladika ANDREI, Metropolitan of All Canada. . . The Rev. Mother-Deaconess Anastasia Chancellor of the Metropolia "

Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:59:48 -0700

From: "Joe.Swaydyn"

To: aberrant_update@yahoo.com

Subject: I hope you are happy you slime

Dear [name of innocent party elided]:

I hope you realize just how much you will have to answer for.


Look at what you've done. Vladika did nothing to you.... Poor Father.... he would simply talk about all the stress, and how people could be so filled with hate.

Well, read it your damn self, you scum.

You make me sick.

I hope I don't ever catch the disease that created you, you monster-- I am angry enough as it is....

I pitied you. But not today.

I'll find a way to stop you... somehow. I'll put that page back up-- I will end this nightmare-- before you kill anymore innocent people. You claim to be a Christian....You bastard


Andrei Brennan:

Continues to operate as a bishop in Canada after being deposed and excommunicated (see documents below). Brennan's most recent escapades were to cause problems at a local university in Hamilton, Ontario, by trying to force himelf in as a campus ministry. His repeated attempts to meet in Canada with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew have consistently failed, and mainline ethnic Orthodox groups in Canada consider Brennan a troublesome layman outside of Orthodoxy. Brennan is "in communion" with aberrant Ukrainian groups in the US and Europe, not having valid orders from recognized Orthodox Synods, and claiming association with monasteries in Texas and Florida which cater to homosexuals. Brennan, International Archbishop-President of OCCNA, has a constant "monsastic" companion named "The Rev. Mother-Deaconess", who signs documents "mother anastasia" and shares the same residential and email address. Brennan also has a bishop and deacon (Sereda and Zetaruk) who share another residential and email address. Brennan was not consecrated canonically, either in 12/27/1996 by solo Darrel Grosvold (Old Catholic) or 10 months later in 10/26/1997 by solo WR Price, making Brennan's subsequent acts uncanonical. On his 'net ministry' at a delphi forum, Brennan admits that he censors content: "Any member acting in such a fashion [swearing] will have their message erased, and they will be gagged and locked out of this forum."

Below Brennan makes a calloused and insensitive prayer request for a dead priest outside his jurisdiction (by reporting gory details as a tabloid rag). Brennan twists his sensational story into a press release announcing, again, Brennan's next bishoping project which is to use the dead priest's church. Brennan then makes the story into a political statement by aligning himself with the dead priest's church to imply Brennan is in communion with yet another ethnic, autocephalous church. Brennan's writings degrade the office he claims.

From //www.occna.com/md/admin/orthicon.html:

"March 23, 1999 - OCC/UAOC/OCCNA SPECIAL BULLETIN - PRAYER REQUEST - "Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory now and forever! It is with sadness that we announce the sudden and tragic repose of Fr. Ilce Miovski, senior priest of St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario. Fr. Ilce (pronounced Il-ee-ah) was killed by a drunk driver on Sunday evening at about 9:00 p.m. The young driver, a 21 year old man, was being pursued by Police for erratic driving. His licence was under suspension at the time. Apparently, Fr. Ilce, who was on his way home from a pastoral visit, had a tire go flat. He pulled off to the side of the road and telephoned for help, and was in the process of trying to replace his tire when the speeding car ran him down. It is believed that he died instantaneously. Fr. Ilce, who was 50 years old, is a friend of our church, and had recently offered the use of his facilities for our upcoming ordinations in Bright Week. Bishop-Elect Yaroslaw and I have been invited to participate in the Funeral Liturgy, which will be held at St. Clement's, 76 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, this Friday at 10:00 a.m. ..."

Then just two days later on March 25, 1999, St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario gives Brennan et al the boot and refuses to let them use their facilities because he is a bogus bishop. Now Brennan is stuck with using a community recreation center. But look at how Brennan tries to twist the reason around, as if he is doing the Macedonian Orthodox Church a favor (//welcome.to/orthodox.church.of.canada):


Out of respect for the recent tragic repose of Father Ilce Miovski (Eternal Memory!), our Metropolia of All Canada has notified the congregation of St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario, that we will not be using their facilities for the upcoming Ordination Liturgy scheduled for Bright Tuesday, April 13th (new style). This change of venue is made to give reverence to the congregation's time of mourning.

Instead, the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the regular worship facilities of Christ the Lord of Mercy Mission Parish, at the Terra Cotta Community Centre, in Terra Cotta, Ontario. The community centre is a former church, and converts very well into a Byzantine-style chapel.

Bishop-Elect +Yaroslaw R. Sereda will be ordained to the sacred Episcopate, and Dragan Daniel Batovic will be ordained to the holy Diaconate at that Liturgy, still scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.

Please note the change of venue, and let anyone know that you may have invited to attend.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Father Ilce, for his family, and his congregation during this most difficult time of bereavement.

Thank-you for your understanding."

From: Ukrainian_Orthodox_police@alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox

Newsgroups: alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox

Subject: Re: Ukrainian churches(?)

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:44:40 GMT

From Tarasius :

> I have recently stumbled across these two web sites:


> http://www.uocofusa.org/ - Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America and

Perfectly valid, and under the Ecumenical Patriarch, with admin location:

135 Davidson Ave

Somerset, NJ

(732) 356-0090

> http://www.htplus.net/orthodox/index.html - Ukrainian Orthodox Church of

> Canada - Eastern Eparchy.

Perfectly valid, and under the Ecumenical Patrairch, also at


with admin location:

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Eastern Eparchy

The Right Rev. Bishop YURIJ (KALISTCHUK)

3281 Cindy Crescent

Mississauga, ON L4Y 3J7

T: (905) 206-9372 o F: (905) 206-9373

> I'd like to know how they stand canonically, i.e. are they a part of the

> Ukrainian Orthodox Church or under the EP? Or are they like ROCOR or the

> Copts?

Both are canonical and under the EP; not like the ROCOR or Copts.

But beware of anyone associated with non canonical and bogus Andrei Brennan et al of Canada doing business as:

dba The Orthodox Church in Canada - Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

bogus at: http://www.churchsurf.com/host/canada/occ_html/

aka The Orthodox Church of Canada - UAOC

bogus at: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch05183

aka The Orthodox Church of Canada

bogus at: http://welcome.to/orthodox.church.of.canada

aka Orthodox Catholic Church of North America (OCCNA) of which Brennan is International President and Archbisop:

bogus at: http://www.occna.com/md/admin/index.html

on which see:

exposed at: http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/agchc/occna.html

and exposed at: http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/agchc/occ.html .

In particular, beware of those groups claiming communion with Brennan et al such as the famous fairy farm named Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North and South America

bogus at: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch05275

and any links listed thereon

bogus at: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch06489

"Stephan" claims communion with excommuniated Filaret of Kiev

and United Orthodox Church in America SOBORNOPRAVNA

bogus at: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch05866

Kevin William Collins "consecrated" Andrei Brennan, above [Editor's note: Collins "consecrated" Kristopher Dowling, also listed here, not Brennan]

and fairy farm Most Holy Theotokos Monastery:


> Thanks for your help.


> -Tarasios

Brennan announces intent to vacate his titles with OCCNA and COCCNA, presumably to seek greener ($$$) pastures elsewhere, such as a full time secular job through which he pays taxes.

From http://welcome.to/orthodox.church.of.canada



In consideration of the poor health of Vladika ANDREI, and upon consultation with his brethren of the Holy Synod, it is announced that Vladika YAROSLAW of Toronto and Eastern Canada is named Co-adjutor to the Metropolitan, with Right of Immediate Succession. Should Vladika ANDREI repose or otherwise vacate office, Vladika YAROSLAW's Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada would automatically be elevated to the status of an Archeparchy, and he would be ex officio promoted to Archbishop thereof. In addition, he would immediately and concurrently succeed to the Office of Metropolitan of All Canada.


All clergy currently under the Monastic domicile archeparchy of New Pechersk are transferred effective this date to the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada, under the immediate Ordinary jurisdiction of Vladika YAROSLAW, with the following exceptions: Archpriest Ignatius Arenburg and the faithful of Sts. Cyril & Methodius Outreach Mission in London, Ontario [, and] Mother-Deaconess Anastasia[.] These above-named individuals shall remain stravophegial, i.e., under the direct Ordinary oversight of Vladika ANDREI, until further notice. In the event that Vladika ANDREI reposes or otherwise vacates office, they will automatically be transferred to the Archeparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada and be subject to the Ordinary jurisdiction of Vladika YAROSLAW.