American Orthodox Archdiocese of Phoenix (OCCNA)

American Orthodox Archdiocese of Phoenix (OCCNA)

Joseph Mary DuBois, OSB, D.D., S.T.D.:

DuBois does not disclose the source of his degrees, but Garrison is known to have issued blanket D.D. degrees to everyone of his clergy. DuBois has taken the title of "Archbishop of Phoenix [AZ]", but lives hundreds of miles away in Kingman, AZ.

DuBois introduces his live-in roomate as his "brother", but in fact they are not siblings.

After presiding at a local service in Kingman, DuBois announced that no one was to touch him because he had been "specially consecrated", ie, presumably a first cousin of God.

Recently a woman in Kingman associated with DuBois left her husband and took $500, his new car, the dog, and the dog food. The word is out that the husband is looking for DuBois because he is mad about his wife taking the dog.