Denis (Mary) Garrison of Maryland

Garrison, Dolan, Stoms and Brennan had submitted themselves to THEOCACNA. That is our authority and jurisdiction.

This individual is not a valid orthodox clergyman. He has acted contrary to the "Rudder" or Canons of the Orthodox Church. He was excommunicated by his ordaining bishop, Bishop C. David Luther of Altoona, Pa. He attempted to have that excommunication lifted by the then presiding bishop of CACINA who he assisted in a consecration about 12 days after the decree was "lifted" which violated the orthodox canons and Garrison claims to be orthodox. This is documented in our archives. We were advised that Bp. Ryan also excommunicated Garrison. (We were told of those reasons but will not publish them here). The North American Holy Synod canonically deposed and anathematized Garrison and others for violating the canons by attacking the Metropolitan and for setting up a separate altar.

Garrison cannot be an orthodox clergyman since he continued to act as a clergyman contrary to the canons after being excommunicated and then attacked the Metropolitan after the Synod issued said decrees. He has lied publicly stating the OCCNA and other church names he uses are in fact THEOCACNA under a different name. His letters of resignation are online. He lied by claiming that he or his group, who had no authority over THEOCACNA or the Metropolitan, excommunicated the Metropolitan. If you review the canons when a bishop leaves the Church he has no authority so had Garrison not been previously removed from Holy Orders he would still have had no authority to issue a decree against the Metropolitan. A letter showing his claim to be a lie is also online by a former bishop of Garrisons group who was not associated with this Church. It also appears Garrison likes to provide information to others about clergy he was associated with in attempts to discredit them.

To this day Garrison claims lines from this Church as well as our charter and claims his group is this Church. His lines are invalid and denied by Theocacna since no Mandate was issued or approved by the original THEOCACNA and he was no directly consecrated by THEOCACNA Bishops. Maybe this traces to his own corporate theocacna from MD or DE.

Why Garrison is NOT an Orthodox clergyman!

He admits he was consecrated in the Catholic rite not in an orthodox rite by basically "old catholic" clergy. He claims most, if not all, of the lines of apostolic succession including from the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican-episcopal Churches, order of corporate reunion and numerous orthodox lines. This is not the way it works in orthodoxy. This is the way of some in the independent movement.

It is contrary to the Canons to seek a second consecration yet Garrison claims lines from all Churches - Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Order of Corporate Reunion, etc. this shows he is not Orthodox in any manner. Garrison violates the canons by claiming to be in communion with various churches in the independent movement both orthodox and non-orthodox.


Excerpt from the old OCCNA site that contradicts the Claims of Patrick Murray of the Roman Orthodox Church. Murray claims theocacna chartered the ROC. Garrison admits the OCCNA chartered them. Garrison also claims his church under the many various names he uses is this Church... BUT if you look at the truthone.htm page you will find that Garrison resigned and left this Church (3 page letter) and confirmed his resignation by certified mail (1 page letter). When a bishp leaves the Church he leaves all his authorty. Garrison went out contrary to the Canons and setup a seperate altar leading to his being deposed and anathamatized by the Synod with jurisdiction over him and the decree was pronounced as directed by the Canons.

Garrison posted this on the site;
"The Roman Orthodox Church is a Charter Church of the OCCNA. It is a western rite within the OCCNA that expresses its Orthodoxy through the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. St. Benedict was a pre-schism western saint, who offers us an example of traditional western orthodoxy. The "Old Roman" identity is merely a tool to reach western hearts. It is both Orthodox and familiar, rather than the unfamiliar eastern pattern of worship. For the first millennium, Rome was Orthodox". A letter by a Bp. Brown of MN. appears to support the fact the ROC was not chartered by THEOCACNA

In the independent movement these individuals make up their own liturgy, alter existing liturgies and do what they want. They are not orthodox.

Violations of the Canons

Secular employment - c. XI of the 17 canons, c. XI of 85 c.

Set up seperate altar - c. XXXI of the 85 c., c. 3 of 25 c., c. XIV of the 85c.

Seperate from their Metropolitan - . XIV of the 17 c.

Pray with deposed - c. XI of the 85 c.

Pray with excommunicated - c. X, XII, XIII of the 85 c.

Insult the Metropolitan - c. LV of the 85 canons

Non-orthodox services - c. XLV of the 85 canons

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