Colin James Guthrie

This individual claims to be an Orthodox bishop. We dispute such a claim.

Guthrie of Aurora, Colorado was excommunicated by the Synod under Homer Roebke. At that time this group used the name "The American Orthodox Catholic Church" which is the short name take by this Church in 1927 but used my many in the independent movement.

From the information we have Abp. Homer, after conferring with his synod, sent a letter to Guthrie about Feb. 20, 1965 basically responding to numerous questions and briefly stating If any Schism has occured you and you alone have caused it to occur. He went on to mention that Guthrie would follow the same pattern anytime he became irked with someone. This letter went on to declare there was a state of seperation or Anathema between the See of Louisville and the Church.

Guthrie then jumped ship and consecrated a suspended priest and incurred the excommunication from their "Church" and synod.

Since its also reported he received a second (sub-cond.) consecration contrary to the Orthodox canons he is not a valid orthodox bishop.

Since he was excommunicated he is not a valid Orthodox Bishop. His comment regarding excommunication was "Like God reads a piece of paper". Not the attitude of a valid bishop. He appears to act according to his own will and desire and not the canons or traditions of Orthodoxy.

Articles were posted on Monty's old website claiming top have been written by Guthrie. These artcles included one stating a brief history of his Church and claiming that in the early to mid 1960's that THEOCACNA didn't even exist as a corporation at that time - an effort to make his synod appear to preceed us. It is of course untrue and shows either an ignorance of this Church or a desire to make claims that are untrue about his synod. THEOCACNA was canonically established by the Russian Synod of Bishops in North America Feb. 2, 1927 and Incorporated in Boston, Ma. Feb. 1, 1928. This corporaton continues today and has never ceased.

In a number of writings posted on Montys site Guthrie bad mouthed a number of orthodox - catholic clergy, most from the independent movement. Not something a valid bishop would do. In appearing to support and back Monty who later lost a defamation lawsuit to THEOCACNA and the CEC in 2004 he backed someone who admitted he wrote what he believed to be the truth - not the truth. In court Monty claimed he met, then personally spoke to a named sources but under questioning admitted he "spoke" via E-mail. His source he claimed was a state police officer and the state police denied this man existed. The state then backed up the state police with a notarized statement that no one by that name worked in any branch of law enforcement in that state contrary to Montys claims.

Guthries association with Monty and his support of Montys writings by contributing to the defamatory site that was less than religious and basically supporting lies, abusive attacks and bigotry by Monty shows these people for what they are.

Monty made many false claims including claims that people were unable to travel to other countries, that they had committed crimes in the U.S. and overseas and that his brothers (older than him) were in law enforcement. All again were proven fase. We feel every lie was show to be just that. We documents the lies to be just that.

Then another person sued Monty in Federal Court with a second defendant and that person received a default jugement we heard. Seems Monty had warrants out for his arrest so he failed to show up in court and was still on the run last we heard.

As for Guthrie we do not know how large his synod or church are or any of their claims. Since he was excommunicated he could not offer a valid sacrament even if he had been canonical.