Abusive defamatory E-mails

The Following is believed to have been written by one Paul Stoms, convicted in NJ of running a diploma mill out of the trunk of his car. Garrison had brought him into the Church even when the Archbishop (now Metropolitan) objected. He also sent a "decree" claiming to have long ago deposed the Metropolitan. This is another lie since the Metropolitan was never given a copy and Stoms showed his lack of knowledge about the Rudder (canons) by claiming authority over the Metropolitan and attempting to act contrary to the Canons. One Bishop cannot depose or excommunicate another, esp. when the one is the presiding bishop and the other "claims" to head some chaplins group. When Stoms walked away from this Church he violated the Canons and this Synod had authority to act. The Metropolitan was never a member of Stoms church and he never had jurisdiction over the Metropolitan. In the Synods decree to depose and anathamatize Stoms, Garrison and the others the Church Constitution requires the "Archbishop President (former Metropolitan) to approve and sign all acts of the Synod" which was done.

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More BS by the likes of Stoms

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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 20:31:50 EDT
Subject: Re: You should seek medical, and spiritual help!
To: info@theocacna.org

(Justice and truth will prevail)

Mr. Victor Prentice,

I have the dishonorable task of writing to you in regards to your blatant attack on Archbishop Denis Garrison, Archbishop Paul II Stoms, and Archbishop Paul Dolan!

It would appear you have forgotten who ordained you and who consecrated you! It is well documented that you suffer from various afflictions mentally. The U.S. Army has verified this! Does the public know you were deposed of as the head of T.H.E.O.C.A.C.N.A.?

It is note worthy to effect such things as to your personality, and your violation(s) of the Seven Deadly Sins! The Texas Holy Church took you to court and won! Will you ever learn?

You bound and hold no place in the heart of Christ! Your dispicable fabrications tell us you are a secular individual not worthy to be in any position with any church!

Like a spoiled 'little child' you have thrown your tantrums, and attempted to destroy a Holy Church! This makes you part of the Antichrist, and the Beast! A blasphemer of The All Holy Spirit! Your chances of making it to heaven is next impossible! So live it up, and do it well, for in the aftermath your going to hell...You are the excommunicated one, Mr. Prentice, but excommunicated by Christ Jesus!

Justice will prevail

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From: StratCommV@aol.com
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2004, 3:49pm (CST+2)
To: theocacna@webtv.net
Subject: Re: REPLY

(Justice and Truth will Prevail)

Mr. Victor Prentice,

You were elected into your position by the very Archbishops you now pass judgment on! I am of the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church. Close association with two of the three Archbishops that you so flagrantly attempt to dishonor! Has someone died and made you, God? Are you so self assured in all of the fabrications you have made that you feel everything you say is from the 'Burning Bush!'

Perhaps you feel you are a self proclaimed leader of the Holy Orthodox Catholic And Apostolic Church? You were deposed in 1998 when the Holy Synod found you to be the being that you are! Your refusal to step down, and your hatred toward +Denis Garrison lead you on spurious attack of fabrications, excommunication's, and other like sort under takings!

Have you told your existing "[followers]" about your illegitimate daughter you fathered by a woman who had spent months behind bars? She was desperately in need of physical relations, and you were more than willing to satiate her desires! Do they know of this abominable act? You are so quick to write about others, and simultaneously cover your own dirt! Does any one of your followers know you are on Social Security Disability due to emotional inconsistency? All of the aforementioned is documented! Can you say the same? You are practiced at sending clippings from newspapers about others! We are capable of making public many things that are of public record, and beyond! Since the Homeland Security Act went into effect shortly after 9/11, many things that weren't readily available are welcomed. Especially those things that will prove the truth about trouble makers who cause distention, and unrest!

How is the Texas T.H.E.O.C.A.N.A. group doing? You know, the embodiment you threatened? It didn't go so well for you did it.

(The Truth Will Set You Free!)

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From: StratCommV@aol.com
Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2004, 6:17pm (CST+2)
To: theocacna@webtv.net
Subject: Re: REPLY

(The Only Lies)

The only "[lies]," my esteemed Deacon are those you have been 'blinded' into believing! However, there will be more cerebrally deficient people that will follow your leader....Straight into the dark side of the sith.

Others of a strategic position with the true Orthodox Church found him out long ago! +Denis, +Paul II, and +Paul may shrink from battle, but you will find Victor's own words have condemned him.

You have my deepest sympathy, Deacon!

(...And the great prophet stood before them and stated in an authoritative voice: "Thou hast condemned thyselves!")

'One crying from the wilderness'

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From: StratCommV@aol.com
Date: Thu, Oct 7, 2004, 12:22am (CST+2)
To: theocacna@webtv.net
Subject: Re: REPLY

Poor deluded beings:

So that no one shall not go to hell unwillingly, a great delusion shall be manifested by God! They will follow the anti-charist willingly!"

We are not interested in your fabrications either! Since you are so blind, we'll allow you to be lead by the blind!

A piteous, pitifull deacon. knows not which way to go, being like a wave blown by the wind!

If you want us to cease, have your Mr. Prentice cease his lies! We know the truth about his past, and have the proof of it!

(Good-Bye and..Well..Whatever!)

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Date:Thu, Oct 7, 2004, 10:40am (CST+2)
Subject:Re: REPLY

Strat-Comm V
Strategic Communications

Thursday 7 October 2004

BP_ Andrew

It seems very peculiar you would leave one embodiment for another? The particular part of your statement is the over-all process. If Abp. Denis was excommunicated prior to enthroning Prentice, and it has been stated by you that he was reinstalled, then Mr. Prentice is not consecrated into T.H.E.O.C.A.C.N.A.! How can an alleged excommunicated Archbishop legally consecrate Mr. Prentice into a same embodiment like the aforementioned Hoy Church! Which means he is not Ordained, or Consecrated! How, then can he and a small handful of 'blind' followers place a U, S, Copy Right on something they don't truly own? What Federal Offense(s) are you talking about? The freedom of to practice religion could go into a town set up a Holy Roman Catholic Church, and there isn't anything that can be done! Well the name T.H.E.O.C.A.C.N.A. is so tainted by inter-net propoganda!

(The Chosen Few)

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Link to pages with documents to disprove these lies.

We won the defamation lawsuit in Hot Springs, AR. April 21, 2004. You can read the injunction on www.theocacna.us and click on the documents page.

There are a number of independent groups running around claiming they have lines that trace back to this Church. They find non-canonical reasons to claim their lines are valid but they are not.

The simple fact is that no mandate, as required, was ever issued for the act that they trace their lines back to us. Also they falsely claim one of our bishops was the main consecrator when in fact he assisted another bishop without a mandate from our synod.

None in the independent movement have valid and canonical orthodox lines traced to this Church. The Rudder (Orthodox Canons) clearly state that the Patriarch or Metropolitan is to head the gathered bishops for an ordination (consecration). These canons fail to consider that so many individuals would claim to he a primate, patriarch, metropolitan, archbishop or bishop and claim to head his, or her, church. All these independent churches are basically unrecognized by any old world (ethnic) orthodox synod.

These same independent's write and rewrite history regarding bishops who have been deposed and/or excommunicated. They claim one (independent) bishop can lift the decree issued by another (independent) bishop against someone which goes against the canons. In other words they make up their own (independent) rules as they go and ignore the historic canons.

In an effort to declare this Church not who we are they claim the Metropolitan claims ownership of this historic Church corporation. Our Metropolitan has never claimed he owns the corporation. He is the duly elected President of the corporation and of the Church Synod.

Many of the independent groups use such names as "American Orthodox Church", American Orthodox Catholic Church" and names very close to our corporate name which is also a duly Registered U.S. Service Mark.

We again suggest you check the facts and history behind any independent church you may be interested in joining. Many do not offer valid Mysteries (Sacraments). But these groups will claim they have valid orders and offer valid Sacraments.

The claims made herein are for the most part false (lies) that can be disproved and many are on the links contained herein.

Also Please note that the Metropolitan is not on social security as claimed below nor has he any documented mental illness as claimed. Also there have been no lawsuits by or against this Church in Texas as also falsely claimed. These troublemakers are just unchristian and uneducated individuals who "play" church in the independent movement and are desperate to support their lies that they are this Church and that we are not who we claim to be. We are the origial Corporate body incorporated by Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh in Boston, Ma. Feb. 1, 1928. We own copyrights and the Registered Service Marks "THE HOLY EASTERN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA (with Logo)" and "THE SOCIETY OF CLERKS SECULAR OF SAINT BASIL".

Since we are who we claim to be and that is documented it would then be necessary to consider the claims as lies and those making those claims as liars.