Paul II

Claimed to have been under the authority of his German orthodox cousin, a former attorney, from Cologne.

Attempts to verify his claims by writig all 3 addresses given turned up 1 response - from the Roman Catholic diocese who never heard of "this" German Orthodox Church, seminary or bishop in Cologne. Also cotacted German officials and local Newspaper. No Obit in paper. Officials had no records of this bishop, said to have been a former attorney.

All documents shown by this person where not signed with real signatures.

His claims to be an "orthodox" bishop are viewed as false for a number of reasons.


1. Was not educated in the Canons of the Orthodox Church as required.

2. Does not follow the Canons of the Orthodox Church.

3. Was advised not to issue business degrees as part of "his seminary". He claimed to be licensed by the state of N.J. but later arrested for selling business degrees out of the trunk of his car.

4. Lied about his claimed Government contacts.

5. Wears his own "uniform" and not an orthodox habit or clergy atire.

6. claims to be a "married" orthodox bishop.

7. Is not known to offer any liturgy.