Invalid Claim of Charter

Invalid Claim of Charter
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2000, 1:52am (CST+1)
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Subject: Fwd: Invalid claim of Charter

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Patrick Murray claims that Theocacna Chartered the Roman Orthodox Church in 1989.

This is a lie since a) Garrison became a corporate trustee of this Church in Dec. 1995, b) Garrison had, prior to joining us, an independent corporation using our name but not associated with us or Chartered by us and c) Garrison had no authority to issue such a charter in our name. Also note that he states on the occna site that "the occna chartered the Roman Orthodox Church.

Garrison turned over only a portion of the Archives to Metropolitan Victor when he (Garrison) decided to leave Theocacna in Feb 1997.

There is no record of such a Charter in the Theocacna archives and this is an invalid claim not recognized by Theocacna or the North American Holy Synod.

Any group holding a valid Charter from Theocacna would be under our Metropolitan and Synod and must use the approved (Ethnic Orthodox) Liturgy and their Charter would be revolked if they stray and use any non-orthodox liturgy such as the ROC/OCCNA and other groups claiming to be orthodox or associated with THEOCACNA.

The North American Holy Synod was never associated with the Garrison groups using the titles Roman Orthodox Church or Orthodox Catholic Church in North America, and Metropolitan Victor was never with these groups. This is documented by Garrisons letter to confirm his resignation dated Aug. 26, 1997 sent by Certified mail and signed for by +Victor on Sept. 30th. No other document or decree (as claimed by Murray) was signed for by Metropolitan Victor. Also it should be noted that by Garrisons Resignation and Confirmation addressed to Metropolitan Victor AND the Synod that Garrison publicly showed his unorthodoxy since he resigned as if from a job or other employment and failed to request a letter as required by the Canons. Therefore leaving contrary to the canons and leaving all authority to act as bishop. These individuals also claim the decrees issued by the Synod are not valid because "they" claim to have excommunicated Metropolitan Victor who was never under their authority. (NOTE:) They have never claimed in about 2 1/2 years to have excommunicated the rest of this Canonical Synod.

The ROC and OCCNA are denounced by the North American Holy Synod as unorthodox, independent, non-canonical and heretical. Garrison established and headed both these groups and likely self-issued Charters to himself after leaving Theocacna. Said Charters are invalid since they would have been issued without the Synods knowledge or approval and after Garrison left this Church. No copies or documentation of such Charters exists in the Archives of Theocacna and any valid Charter would have been revolked when the Synod deposed and anathematized Garrison and 3 other "bishops" of "his" (Garrisons) church.



Any claimed Charter by the Roman Orthodox Church or the Orthodox Catholic Church in North America and any other Church is invalid and/or a fake being used to defraud the public. All former Charters issued by this Church have been cancelled as of Feb. 15, 1997 and replaced with Charters signed by Metropolitan Victor on or after Feb. 15, 1997 when he was elected by the Synod to lead Theocacna.

-By authority of the Synod,

-Metropolitan Victor
-Archbishop Peter
-Mar Kepa
-Abp. Lawrence
-Abp. Joseph
-Bp. Arthur

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