Most recently a man believed to be a former Roman Catholic priest calling himself bishop Alexander in Florida incorporated in late 2007 knowingly using our name and claiming to be us since about 1937. This is identity theft and fraud to say the least. He has put our name and logo on the holy orthodox church domain which was originally shown to have as contact person one Donald Sierra, according to the domain registry, in Chandler, Arizona where we just happen to have a state registered trademark. It turned out this was a bogus name and was transfered to Carl Bartholomew of Florida A/K/A Bp. Alexander.

Having made legal complaints and notifications to various state agencies the Fla. Secretary of State Office called me. Since our claims are documented online we were advised even though he has incorporated using our name our name still belongs to us. The USPTO Registration does prove ownership as does my position on the corporate board of the Church as President.

Their website claims their church was established in 1937, then changed this to 1931, and they claim it is still active and part of their jurisdiction! Problem is a search of the NY website does not show a corporation with our name, or a similar name, in or around 1931 or 1937. I expect they will come up with another corporation and some other name and claim "This is the Church of St Aftimios". These independents claim Abp. Ofiesh is a Saint.

He, Carl Bartholomew, claims to head the group prevously led by Abp. Francis Forbes (d. 2008) and a bishop Nicholas (Wayne Boyle-Parsley) in Nashville.

I believe he is a wannabe thief based on his attempts to steal our identity. He claims he is the Metropolitan of THEOCACNA along with his posting our logo on bogus documents with our name and logo on their website. I feel he is, and was, involved in identity theft, service mark infringement, fraud and we feel there has been harassment and defamation also. He even threatened legal action if we sent him any papers or documents. Our attorney sent him a letter. These people are cowards! We have caught them in lies. They make false claims and think they can get away with their lies in an attempt to gain some sort of status. Next they will claim to be the Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox Church.

We have more such claims available on another page

They claim:
They are really the "continuation" of the Original Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America.

False: Since we are the original church, still active and own our name and logo and they and the others they claim in their lines are not, and never were, part of, the original corporate Church they lie! Wow! People who claim to be priests and bishops lie? Unheard of you might think.

Facts The name of Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh is on our corporate documents. They claim Abp Ofiesh was the head of their Church and they claim an active 1931 NY group we could not locate.

Also Mariam Ofiesh sat on our corporate board.

The Most Rev. Victor Prentice as been corporate President the past 11 years.

Our Church, the original Church corporation that was headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory owns our name and logo. This is legally provable in a number of ways.

Our U.S. Registered (over 7 years) Service Mark - the Name & Logo proves (prior use beyond a doubt and) that our Church corporation owns the name and logo.

Our now expired Colorado trademark.

Our Arizona Trademark.

Our Tennesse Trademark.

The 2004 Defamation lawsuit on behalf of this Church corporation which was represented by Abp. Victor, as Co-plaintiff and Corporate President.

Their group also goes by the name "Holy Orthodox Church - American Jurisdiction" and decided they wanted to be us. They then posted our name and logo on their web site and claimed to be us. They are clearly old catholic wannabes. Their claims are not "Orthodox". The following explains why;

In the Catholic and old Catholic churches the name for independent bishops is Episopi Vagantes. In Orthodoxy there is no such thing!

In the Roman Catholic tradition a person may be ordained by someone not fully authorized to ordain and it could be considered valid but irregular or unlawful.

In Orthodoxy such ordinations are not considered ordinations and the person is not viewed as a bishop. In Orthodoxy "Apostolic Succession" exists only in bishops who are regularily ordained by bishops that have not been defrocked and who do not teach Heretical teachings and who are on the synod. The canons state that the Patriarch or Metropolitan of an established Church must lead the service. If a bishop breaks from the Church his episcopacy does not go with him. That means he has no authority to ordain anyone since all authority comes from the Church and resides only within the Church. All his acts are only "Attempted Episcopal acts" since the bishop had no sacramental authority after leaving the Church.

Archbishop Aftimios and the Synod never intended to ordain anyone in or for the independent movement. In 1933 Ignatius left the Church, married and became a protestant minister. He had no authority to act in the name of this Church after that date and no mandate from the synod.

3. Their lies and false claims show their true character. Just take what they want because they claim they are who they are not. Such action is also a slap in the face of their former Archbishop - Wm Francis Forbes, who we understand had worked to keep a good reputation. Forbes reposed recently (Dec. 2008).

- - - + - - -

The character of these people leaves a lot to be desired. Clergy! Not likely! If a church or synod will lie and steal the name, logo and property of another Church to mislead and defraud the public at large your of, they are of doubtful character. These are also unchristian acts that show they are not acting as true Orthodox Christian clergy should act. I don't care if their independent or SCOBA clergyman. This also says volumes about their character and the true nature of their "Church". They are not saving souls just stealing from other Churches to impress others and to attempt to validate phony & unorthodox claims.

- - - + - - -

Note: I do not apologize for doing anything necessary to protect the good name of this Church & Corporation to protect us from the criminal acts of others.

- - - + - - -

We are the one and only Church that was established by the Russian Synod in North America and headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory all others are liars and/or wannabes. If your contacted by a bishop Alexander of Florida who claims to be associated with the holy orthodox church, an unincorporated entity, of Nashville or Metropolitan of that Church or THEOCACNA do not deal with him. He has no valid sacramental authority from The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America. Since he is not a true bishop or priest of this Church he cannot have any true sacramental authorty as it is derived only from the Church as Orthodox Canons direct.

Since he and the others he claims are the rightful church have no legal claim and were never part of this Church or Synod they will lose in court. Their synod will be liable for any award we receive as well as the owners of any domains publishing our name and logo. Since the Tennessee HOC-AJ corporation has been inactive since 1985 all individuals are now personally liable. They put our name and logo on and (inactive site).