Continued Harassment by Al Green Jr.

The following e-mails were received from excommunicated Al Green Jr. He now claims after all this time that we libel him with the truth

  Green was contacted a few years ago by a Church attorney and advised to cease and desist his acts against this Church, but he continues. 

Green previously claimed to be webmaster for the OCA and a "former" deacon which was denied in writing by the OCA's attorney in Washington, D.C. 

Green appears to believe all the "information" posted by Tony Begonja and others about our "losing" the US District Court lawsuit.  In fact, we did not lose and the defendants will be the big losers when we refile this case.  The court ruled lack of jurisdiction leaving us free to refile any time we see fit. [Note: in fact we won a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit against Griffith-Mair and plan a suit against Begonja. The Judgement is posted at]

It is Al Green Jr. who is an internet crank and apostate by his own actions.

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From: (Al Green)
Subject: They're Back
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The Mother vagante "orthodox" cult of all "orthodox" cults is back on line and just as looney as ever.

 They now claim to be THE patriarchate for North America! And they continue their libelous crapola against me:

It may be of interest that this cult lost its court fight to prevent other web sites from linking to their site without their "church" approval. ANY person can link to their site by name in any reference...positive or negative. The suit was won by an independent priest called Fr. Tony Begonja. You can read about this lawsuit victory for the web at Al Green


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From: (Al Green)
Subject: Losing the Lawsuit
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 I'll bet losing this lawsuit irritated the heck out of you guys. What do youthink of the decision which lets anyone, including me, to link to your site inpositive or negative terms?


 PS: Are you aware of the stuff below from Tony Begonya's web site?

_________________________ The Lawsuit: Case News Notebook


 2002.07.18 More detail:As I said a few days ago, this round, this case, draws to a close, I think, at least for now:
On June 12th, after sifting through a blizzard of paper and sitting through two hearings, U.S. Magistrate Judge Shaffer made his recommendations. The gist of it went like this: he granted both remaining Defendant's motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, and he denied the Plaintiff's erroneously-named motion for "interlocutory injunction".

The magistrate's recommendation, archived at noted that "It is difficult to believe that a reasonable Internet user would conclude that the disparaging remarks on Defendant's web sites regarding Plaintiff's churches and leaders were endorsed by Plaintiffs or that such remarks would likely cause confusion as to their source." (p. 18).

His recommendation went further to defend fair use and freedom of speech on the Internet: "Plaintiff's request for injunctive relief sweeps too broadly under the guise of protecting Plaintiff's alleged copyrights. Applied literally, Plaintiffs motion would prevent Defendants from using Plaintiffs' service mark even under circumstances that would not be commerical in nature, or would not be likely to cause confusion, or that might be protected under the fair use doctrine. ... Fair use is also a limitation on a copyright owner's exclusive right to reproduce copyrighted works. ... As a practical matter, it would be extremely difficult for this court to fashion an order that would be certain not to chill protected speech." (p. 20)

On June 24th, the Plaintiff's objected to the magistrate's findings. This objection is posted at

Finally, on July 5th, U.S. District Judge Miller made his brief ruling. Rather than deal with the Plaintiff's June 24th objection, Miller granted Defendant Griffith-Mair's motion to dismiss for lack of venue -- which automatically covers all Defendants -- and he denied Plaintiff's request for "interlocutory injunction". Miller's ruling is posted at


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  Disclaimer It appears much that was believed to be OCA involvement was in fact the independent acts of Al Green who was excommunicated for "Theft of Church Property" as the canons direct. Green claimed to be acting on behalf of the OCA but the Metropolitan denied this to our attorney and our Metropolitan.

Theft of Property

Date: Fri, Nov 22, 2002, 5:50am
To: unlisted for posting

Subject: oca/green theft of property

The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) is allegedly engaged in theft of property as copyright and service mark infringement. OCA bishop Theodosius at OCA headquarters in Syosset, New York refused to acknowledge the allegations. Historically OCA has a checkered history as the continuation of the Soviet Living Church that 65 years ago began operating a KGB front at St. Nicholas church in Brooklyn, New York.

Recently released documents disclose that the church was under constant surveillance by the U.S. government for over 40 years because it was "easy for Agents of a Foreign Government to masquerade as Ethnic Orthodox clergy". The church building itself was confiscated by the U.S.S.R. government "as property of the Soviet Peoples" through elaborate, dubious, and uncontested court room proceedings in 1930.

The infringement involves copyrights and service marks of other competing orthodox churches on websites claiming that the competing churches are not canonical. An orthodox church is canonical if it is recognized by Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul, who is the pope for the eastern orthodox denomination. Some of the competing orthodox churches have independent historical jurisdictions preceding the OCA appearance. Bartholomew refuses to acknowledge the OCA and in his last visit to the U.S. snubbed them by not attending a social bash with Theodosius.

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Alexy, also shunned the OCA in his last visit by refusing to meet Theodosius. The press reported that the failed meeting was significant because since the collapse of the Soviet Union records released there show that Alexy was a sovok-agent installed by the Kremlin for political control of the church.

Alfred G. Green, Jr. of Endicott, New York was reportedly the agent for the thefts. Green disclosed he was a member of OCA since leaving the Episcopal church in 1973 and was a deacon, the clergy rank below a priest. Green then qualified his statement by describing himself as "a retired deacon" and then later denied he was an OCA deacon at all.

On the internet Green posed as an academic expert on writing but has no known degrees. Green was a former stringer for newspapers in the Binghamton, New York area and has done technical writing assignments for temporary service agencies in New York and New Jersey. Green acknowledged he opened the internet account websites that published the alleged infringements. The published documents are written in a website language that has embedded on each page the attributes of Green as "content compiler" and OCA as "content author".

The content of the websites is the same. OCA and Green list the churches by name that compete with the OCA and exclude the service mark designations of some which is allegedly service mark infringement. They then quote information from the competing church publications without permission which is allegedly copyright infringement. The net result of the alleged OCA and Green conspiracy is to defame the competing churches, clergy, jurisdictions, and missions by any means possible.

OCA and Green stated on some of the websites they were under no obligation to recognize or respect the service marks and copyrights of the competing churches because of fair use. That principle states limited quotations from copyrighted material may be made without permission for purposes of literary review. However OCA and Green quoted paragraph-long tracts for the expressed purpose of defamation, purposely ignored service mark designations, and failed to obtain the permissions required legally before publication of their defamatory materials. OCA and Green are also allegedly engaged in theft of service by way of hijacking website links. Each website has a public internet address. When one website refers to another website address, the jargon is that one site links to another. When OCA and Green on their site refer to the link of a competing church site in order to defame that site and without the target site's permission, the jargon is theft of service by hijacking links. Green repeatedly published on the internet that he was proud of what he was doing under the auspices of OCA "to expose non canonical churches". In the process, OCA and Green apparently exposed themselves as non canonical. Service mark and copyright infringement is illegal. Repeated attempts may result in federal criminal prosecution, especially where collusion and conspiracy is proven. The FBI is required to investigate allegations of copyright infringement. Since passage of the Digital Millennium Computer Act, the federal law requires internet service providers to register annually for a fee the name of an Agent for Copyright Infringement. Internet service providers are becoming sensitive to service mark and copyright infringement.

Websites by OCA and Green were removed rapidly by internet service providers. In a period of five days alone from September 21-25, 1999, five websites attributed to OCA and Green were removed by the following internet service providers:

1. by the web authoring company of Green's son, Lorne, through Light Realm Communications and UUNET Technologies

2. through Pronet and AT&T WorldNet

3. through Marco Spoerrle, Virtualis Systems, and Qwest Communications

4. through Marco Spoerrle, Virtualis Systems, and Qwest Communications

5. through, EmiNet, and SPRINT It is reported that OCA and Green are engaging in more infringement by way of internet websites which offer free service in return for paid ads that display on the same content page. Because the websites are free OCA and Green may hop from provider to provider for when one site is closed down another free one is opened the same day. After one of our Church attorneys contacted the OCA Metropolitan we received a letter of apology and clear statement that Green is not and was not acting on behalf of the OCA.